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Exam Organization

Exam for UEMS European Diploma in Angiology/Vascular Medicine

The exam will follow encoded quality criteria and will be supervised (at our request, in analogy to the suggestions from the most recent UEMS indications) by a reviewer present during the exam.

The EBEAVM (Board European Exam AngiologyVascular Medicine) has already been created with the collaboration between UEMS Division of A/VM and VAS:

Criteria for application and regulations

You can apply only if (at least 1 Yes is mandatory):

  1. Specialty in Angiology/Vascular Medicine in one European Country or equivalent in non European Countries.

  2. Any related Specialty and at least 3 years of certified training in an accredited Angiology/Vascular Medicine Unit/Dept.

  3. Any related Specialty and the European Fellowship in Angiology/Vascular Medicine.

  4. Any related Specialty and the European Master in Angiology/Vascular Medicine.

Exam Curriculum (Main text books on Angiology/Vascular Medicine)

1) General knowledge of Internal Medicine

2) Basic principles of:

  • Statistics

  • Ultrasound

  • Molecular biology

3) Risk Factors for Vascular Disease:

  • Epidemiology, diagnosis

  • Prevention and therapy

4) Vascular Disease: (arteries, veins, lymphatics, microcirculation )

Epidemiology, clinics, diagnosis and therapy

Also recommended (International Guidelines/Articles)


- Cerebral Venous Thrombosis Stroke

- Management of Patients with CCVD - Am Coll of Cardiol

- International Federation of Diabetes Guidelines

- ESC/EAS Guidelines for Dislypidemia

- American/European Stroke Association for Stroke

- EUVAS/EULAR for Vasculitis

- ACCP Chest 2012 for DVT and PE

- ESH Guidelines for Arterial Hypertension

- Consensus CEAP 2004

-Int Angiol. 2008, Feb;27(1):1-59;

-Int Angiol. 2012 Jun;31(3):203-16


  • Place: Milan Angiology Unit, University of Milan, L. Sacco Hosp, Via GB Grassi 74, 20157 Milano

  • Date:  Every year, the day before European Angiology Days-  (3rd Exam: 27th November 2014)

  • Part 1 Questions : 100

Multip.ch (1 only correct answer from 4-5 questions)
5 Internal Medicine
20 Basic
75 clinical- specialistic


Language: English in presence of 1 member of the Exam Commission (or invited by the Commission) for each mother tongue candidate, available for eventual translation of ambiguous terms .

  • Part 2 Oral exam: 2 clinical cases or discussion on diagnostics

  • Minimum request to pass the exam : Part 1 70% questions

Part 2 Score from 1 – 10 (minimum 6) (by both the examiners - in case of disagreement asked vote of a 3rd examiner):

  • Results issued during the Diploma Ceremony during the European Angiology Days (annually end November/beginning December).
  • Enrolment €200 by bank transfer to VAS–Vascular–Independent Research and Education–European Organisation - Banco di Desio e della Brianza, Filiale di Corsico (Milano – Italy), Branch 93 IBAN IT74 V034 4033 0300 0000 0161 200, BIC BDBDIT22 specifying as purpose for money transfer: payment for “CESMA-UEMS Exam for European Diploma in Angiology/Vacular Medicine” - EBEAVM.

Please Fax copy of bank transfer to (+39) 02 50319816

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