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VAS Prof Samama Grants

VAS - Professor Samama Grants

In memory of Prof. Samama who strongly believed in the vision, purpose, organisation of VAS-Vascular-Independent Research & Education-European Organization- and supported its projects

Two Grants in his name are awarded:

"VAS - Professor Samama Grants"

to ensure the participation of 2 European researchers to the European Angiology Days, covering the expenses to a maximum of € 500.

The characteristics of the EADays are annual academic meetings which associate update activity/scientific study and dissemination of collaborative projects, therefore we consider the following parameters:

-No exclusion based on age or origin
-An ongoing active cooperation with VAS or planning to cooperate is considered a favourable factor
-The absence of any support from Scientific Societies/Institutions/other
-A training curriculum in Angiology/Vascular Medicine or a development program in this discipline
-A resume outlining training experience

All expenses must be documented with original receipts and only low cost flights will be accepted

The first Call is for 2015 for the 12th Edition European Angiology Days - November 2015
2015 Winners : E. Dimakakos (GR), G. Marakomichelakis (GR), I. Cvjetko (HR)
Deadline for applications 2016 : 20 October 2016

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