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About Vas

About VAS

VAS is a European Scientific non profit Association whose mission is to contribute to the development of Angiology/Vascular Medicine(Angiology and Vascular Medicine are synonyms used in different Countries), in multi-center co-operation amongst clinicians and researchers throughout Europe and Worldwide.

VAS is determined to achieve high Quality results with Independence from any economic interest and enabling Collaboration amongst its members.

The triad Research - Education - Clinical Practice has been at the core of VAS culture right from its inception, to exploit the synergy between education and research and ensure the timely implementation of results in clinical practice.

  • VAS is a co-operative undertaking among clinicians and researchers for developing Angiology/Vascular Medicine.

  • In addition to individuals, public institutions can be members of VAS foremost Universities and Hospitals with clinical and research structures involved in vascular projects.

  • The purpose of VAS is to join forces, forging close links with scientific societies and journals in the vascular field, so as to promote continuous co-ordination of all efforts and activities as well as exchanges of information.

  • VAS also includes vascular patients organised in a dedicated group  working  together to increase public awareness with reference to vascular diseases and risk factors.

  • VAS welcomes the help of artists and journalists willing to co-operate in spreading information to increase public awareness and support its ideas and objectives.

  • VAS is a non-profit making Scientific Association and does not carry on any kind of commercial activity.

  • There are no membership fees.

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