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Collaborative Links

Collaborative Links

Links are another tool to help us work together.

VAS will give its backing to international and national events of specific interest or that involve it directly (Please contact us).

Reciprocal links are encouraged on a permanent basis and for any kind of initiative please contact us at: to send an E-mail, please use the Contact Form.

In this sections you will find LINKS to Scientific collaborative Societes/Organizations and other relevant websites  engaged in humanitarian or medical Projects, that we consider relevant to VAS from the ethical, scientific or clinical point of view: click the subsections to find them !

All member are invited to suggest the insertion of other relevant Links.


  • UEMS (European Union of Medical Specialist)

  • IUA (International Union of Angiology)

  • ESL (European Society of Lymphology)  

  • CEVF (Central European Vascular Forum)

  • SIAPAV (Società Italiana di Angiologia e Patologia Vascolare)

  • SAS (Societas Angiologica Slovanka)

  • CAS (Czech Angiological Society)  


VAS feels that no specific commitment can afford to ignore the great problems of the world. It therefore hosts links with a number of sites committed to safeguarding life, freedom, human rights and dignity and the well-being of our planet.

Links to other relevant websites (Human Rights and No-Profit Organizations):

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