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2016 Final Program

Final program 2016

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5th CESMA-UEMS European Exam

for the European Diploma in Angiology/Vascular Medicine

24th November 2016 - Milan (I)


See criteria and Application Form:

Cesma Uems  EU  Diploma





Scientific Academic Meetings

Updating Scientific Workshops and European Cooperative Projects

25th27th November 2016

Pineta, Busto Arsizio (VA), Italy


2016: 25 Years of European Cooperation




  • Pre-Congress Meetings :  Friday  
    • VAS Board 8-10.45
  • Teams-Meetings  15.30-18.30
    • UEMS Division of Angiology/Vascular Medicine Board Meeting 11.00-15.00



Friday 19.00           European Angiology Days   Welcome with Refreshments


  • Introductive Lecture for the 25 Years of European Collaboration

19.30       VAS: give robust legs to strong ideas: perspectives                                                   M. Catalano (I)


  • 1st Scientific Session -"Ethics as a need for Education, Research and Health : The VAS European position for Vascular Disease"

Chairmen              I. Karatzas (EU) -  S.Coccheri (I)

20.00       Criteria to define Integrity and Ethics : the EU position                                                       I. Karatzas - EU Commission

20.30       VAS European Position Document                                                                                      S. Coccheri (I)

21.00       Perspectives Contributions and Discussion                                                                                          

  • Saturday 08.00
    • VAS Projects Session (Reports from the Teams’ meetings):


Chairmen                                D. Olinic (I), JC. Wautrecht (B)

08.00       European Book: ready on Spring                                                                                         Editorial Board

08.30       Postgraduate Courses (on VM/A, Venous Treatment with SFP, Vascular Ultrasound,        MP.Colgan (IRL), L.Moraglia(F),  

                  Vascular Nurses)                                                                                                        C. Thalhammer (CH)                   

08.45       European Master in Angiology/Vascular Medicine -New Edition                                       Organising Committee

08.55       VAS European Training Centres Validation Committee (for UEMS Accreditation)              VAS ETC Validation Committee

09.10       Discussion






Chairmen                             K.Farkas (H), H.P.Fitzgerald (IRL)

09.40       European Vascular Patients’ Network and Patients’ Education                                         G. Marakomichelakis (GR),

                                                                    M. Prior (I), M. Sprynger (B)

09.50       Awareness Program- “PAD&Vascular European Days” 4th Edition 2017                           K. Farkas (H),

                                                            H.P.Fitzgerald (IRL), M. Kozak (SL), G.Lessiani (I)

10.20       Discussion



Chairmen              MP. Colgan (IRL), P. Poredos (SLO)

11.00       VAS Educationals and other Documents/Papers (VAS Writing Committee)

                Amputation                                                                                                                          E. Kolossvary (H)

                PAD in Europe                                                                                                                      D. Olinic (RO)

                PAD and Diabetes                                                                                                                G. Schernthaner (A)

                Venous Ulcers                                                                                                                      A. Stanek (PL)

                Thrombin Generation                                                                                                          A. Liew (IRL)


European /International Biobank

Chairmen              B. Fazeli (IRN), A. Szuba (PL), O.Karahan (TK)

11.45       News and Ongoing Projects


13.00-13.30                        Talking Lunch


VAS-International Consortium (VAS-IC)

Chairmen              G. Gerotziafas (F), D. Suput (SLO)

13.30      Horizon Educational Final Proposal                                                                                           G. Gerotziafas (F)

14.00      UniMi- Beneficiaries and Partner Roles- VAS-IC Internal Agreement                                           M. Martorana (I)

14.30      Next Steps                                                                                                                            VAS-IC Committee

14.50      Discussion


  • 2nd Scientific Session Joint Session between Society of Vascular Medicine -SVM- (USA) and VAS (EU):

        “How Vascular Medicine Impacts Both on Ethics and Economics in PAD”


Chairmen              G. Fowkes (UK) - J.R. Bartholomew (USA)

16.00       Introduction to the Joint Session

16.10       PAD World Burden                                                                                                              G Fowkes (UK)

16.30       PAD: Acute Events and Limb Amputations                                                                           J.R. Bartholomew (USA)

16.50       Stages of the Disease and Acute Events                                                                              J. Froehlich (USA)

17.10       Results in Advanced Stages                                                                                                 M. Shishenbor (USA)

17.30       Costs and Prevention of Acute Events                                                                                 H. Reinecke (D)

17.50       Prevention in PAD: an Ethical Imperative: the Role of Vascular Medicine                               M. Catalano (I)

18.10       Programmed Presentation (A. Liew IRL) and Discussion


  • UEMS Session

19.00       UEMS EBEAVM                                                                                                                    D. Olinic (RO)

19.15       UEMS Division of A/VM Session          

    The UEMS Division Report                                                                                                     M.Catalano (I), JC.Wautrecht (B)

19.45       CESMA-UEMS Diploma and European Advanced Postgraduate Course Ceremony                          


  • VAS Grants Awards:             
    • VAS Prof Samama Grants                                                                                     
    • VAS Prof Bollinger Grants       
    • New : VAS-IUA Prof  Breddin  Grants


  • VAS Baton Ceremony for: Prof H. Boccalon (F) and Prof E. Diamantopoulos (GR)

20.30                 Informal Dinner


  • Sunday
    • 3rd Scientific Session   Multidisciplinary Session

Chairmen                             M.Edmonds (UK) – D. Karetova (CZ)

08.30       Imaging Subclinical Atherosclerosis: Is It Ready for Prime Time? A Review                     L. Fernandez-Friera (SP)

    08.50       Acute Myocardial Infarction in Young Patients--Severe Failures in the System

         of Acute and Secondary Care                                                                                            G. Dostálova (CZ)

    09.10       Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Young Individuals: To Screen or Not To Screen                     R. Cífková (CZ)

09.30       Biomechanics and Early Atherosclerosis                                                                             P.D.Weinberg (UK)

09.50       Pathogenetic Role of Diabetes in Early Atherosclerosis                                                       G. Schernthaner (A)

10.10       Epidemiology of Diabetes in Young Population and Trends                                                  M. Edmonds (UK)

10.30       Discussion






  • Educational Session for Patients/Population ”Questions for the European Experts”

Chairmen                              A. Sieron (PL)  - E. Dimakakos (GR)

11.45           “Venous Thrombosis: when suspect and what to do”                                                    M. Kozak (SL)


  • Closing remarks and indications for post- meetings

12.45                     Lunch








  • Post European Angiology Days Course:28th- 29th November 2016 Milan, Italy

1st European Course on Venous Treatments : Sclerotherapy Course, Thermal Ablation Course (VAS and SFP)     http://www.vas-int.net/european-course-on-venous-treatments















See you Next Year: 14th Edition 1st – 3rd  December  2017!!!!

(Send suggestions by February 2017)



Congress Registration No onsite registration· Registration form to be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. · Registration fee: VAS Members € 70- Non Members €300   Banco di Desio e della Brianza       IBAN  IT74 V034 4033 0300 0000 0161 200  - BIC/SWIFT BDBD IT 22

Accommodation-Accommodation at controlled costs will be available on request. Hotel information  available from the Secretariat.

Scientific Coordination  Prof. Mariella Catalano-University of Milan-Research Center on Vascular Diseases & Angiology Unit

Congress Secretariat    Research Center on Vascular Diseases and Angiology Unit University of Milan - L.Sacco Hospital- Via G.B. Grassi 74 20157 Milan (Italy) Phone +39-02-50319817-78 (10.00-15.00) Fax +39-02-50319816  Web : www.vas-int.net      E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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