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Vas organization

How VAS is organised

From the legal point of view, VAS is registered as a non-profit European Scientific Association based care of the Research Centre on Vascular Disease of Milan University.

Its main aims concern research (independent of financial interests), Europe-wide training, awareness and commitment to the goal of recognition and development of Angiology/Vascular Medicine at institutional level.
VAS is organised in Teams, that is to say working groups based on commitment to and responsibility in respect of specific or common projects and 2 Committes.
All the members of VAS, with the exception of some specific members of the Management Team, provide their activities free of charge.

The VAS Board has the function of co-ordination between the Scientific Team, the Guarantors and the Ethics Committees and the Management Team, as well as with the Treasurer of the Association.

The Board is has the last word in the event of controversial decisions.
The Board represents VAS from the institutional point of view.

The Scientific Team is responsible for screening and defining new proposals, monitoring the progress of current projects and defining development strategies for VAS. It is the decision-making body (subject to the limitations detailed elsewhere in this section) with regard to the single projects and the development of VAS.

The Scientific Team also co-ordinates the activity of two teams, the Research and Awareness Team (which works closely with the Statistics Team) and the Educational Team respectively responsible to define and deepen the proposals relative to the respective areas, to translate them into projects, identifying the instruments to achieve them.

The Guarantors and Ethics Commitees consist mainly of researchers, teachers, representatives of the scientific and clinical community well-known for their intellectual independence and even if retired.

The Ethics Committee also includes a member from outside the scientific/cultural world (representative of patients’ organisation or similar).
The Guarantors Committee judges whether the proposals are in line with the aims and the ethical premises of VAS.

The Ethics Committee evaluates each single project, in line with the aims of European Ethics Committees. A favourable decision on the part of the VAS Ethics Committee is necessary but not sufficient for starting up the projects at the single Centres, which must also submit the relevant proposals to their local or national Ethis Committees on the basis of their national legislations.
Any proposals not approved by the VAS Guarantors and Ethics Committees will have to dropped.

The Management Team is responsible for the preliminary evaluation of the feasibility of the projects being proposed.
The Management Team then reports to the Scientific Team after consulting the Board, to whom it will also submit a report.
The persons responsible for co-ordination and for organisational implementation of the various projects approved by the Scientific Team are represented on the Management Team.

 VAS European Teaching Panel

This consists of the qualified teaching staff, well-known at European level in the field of Angiology/Vascular Medicine and other fields that are necessary for a qualified specialised training at European level from the point of view of clinical and research activity.
The teachers place themselves at disposal for taking part in educational projects in accordance with the needs of the projects.
It would be desire to create Vas National Teaching Panels in each single country (they are already being formed in some countries), to bring together the teachers recognised at national level for the aims expressed above.

European Angiology Days - Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee organises the European Angiology Days held every year and is responsable foer the contents planned and for circulating the information in the various countries/centres concerned.

European Biobank on Vascular Disease (EBVD –Activated Subproject EBPp)- Coordinating Team (CT)  and Data Access Team (DA)

Artists/Performers Panel

This panel is joined by artists/performers of international renown willing to support the aims and the ideals of the independence of science and international co-operation that have inspired VAS, in whatever way and whenever they feel suitable and realistic, as brought to the knowledge of VAS.
VAS will support the circulation and implementation of such activities and may also submit proposals.

Main VAS Organization

How VAS is organised

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