For all the VAS Interactive Activities  an accreditated platform is now available. VAS CAMPUS


Interactive Areas of the web offer the possibility of using the platform for training or research, making it a valuable work and training tool  to accompanie international collaboration.

In particular, Interactive “E-Learning” is dedicated to training, providing learning, teaching and dissemination areas.

The service is active 24 hours a day and allows the personal organization  of-on-line study

Each area requires the use of ID and password that are centrally supplied to subscribers respectively of the specific course (for institutional courses involving University Diplomas or Certificates and for courses providing CME credits). Also teachers have to log-in (centrally supplied).

The patient and awareness area requires, instead, only a personal log-in that automatically generates ID and password.


European Courses: European courses online area, provide University Diplomas, University Certificates or CME Credits. The European Courses providing  University titles are defined by formal agreements between several European Universities. The VAS European Teaching Panel provides  the e-learning  Lessons and students can follow their Tutorial and Training activities in oneor more of the VAS European Training Centres. CME Credits are provided for Continuing Education Courses.

Virtual room: Area for video meetings of the VAS Teams and the Board of the UEMS Division of Angiology/Vascular Medicine

European Teaching Panel: Teachers’ Area for recording lectures and  clinical cases for the European educational projects.

Streaming: On invitation to register. Showing presentations or scientific meetings.

Patients’ Area: Audio/video material on awareness for patients and general population.

To be defined: Flexible, usable, open area also for national training activities in local languages, on request (Scientific Societies/National Associations).