The Specialty in Angiology/Vascular Medicine: the turning point for Vascular Disease

One of the main aims of VAS is to obtain recognition of the Specialty in Angiology/Vascular Medicine (terms used as synonymous in Europe) recognized in all the European Countries.

In fact, VAS considers the Specialty in Angiology/Vascular Medicine as the turning point for Vascular Disease and their prevention and reduction of related acute events.

The Specialty doesn’t represent a defence of borders but the way to implement knowledge and quality to better serve our populations, patients, students and Countries. In fact, VAS considers the multi-disciplinarity with reciprocal respect and collaboration as well as a high level of specific Expertise (specialties) the two bases for any relevant socially impacting result.

A Specialty in Angiology/Vascular Medicine in Europe has robust expertise, experience, history and organization in Angiology/Vascular Medicine.

European view in Education and Training started several years ago with the embryo of VAS (EWGMA) and have been continuously improving over the time and obtaining formal Accreditations (UEMS, EACCME, Universities..).
National activities by the National Scientific Societies are fundamental and progressively more linked to the European projects.

Qualified Specialists and Centres and their proper number and location represent a basic step to improve Prevention, reduce acute events and complication, save lives, as well as favourable impacting on social finances.

Specialty and recognised Centres and Specialists also answer to the vascular patients right to have a medical approach to their disease and the MD and health professional to have the same chance of qualification in each European Country.

VAS opened a new activity with the European Parliament, a stable collaborative interaction with several Organizations, proposing concrete solution to see the Specialty in Angiology/Vascular Medicine recognised in the European Union.

In the meantime a stable collaboration and coordination has been built up to connect the non-EU Europe and Worldwide. For this specific reason an International Angiology/Vascular Medicine Coordination has been launched d by VAS.

VAS-International Consortium for Angiology/Vascular Medicine is now the International Coordination for Specialty and accreditation. See NOV. 26th 2021 18th European Angiology Days 2021

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