International Buerger’s Disease Working Group

TAO can be considered as an orphan disease because it is usually neglected not only by physicians but also by the pharmaceutical companies. One of the reasons might be that disease outcome has a close relationship with addiction to smoking of the patient5 and the physicians are not usually trained to help the patients to overcome this addiction. Patients suffering from TAO are usually young and belong to the low or middle socio-economic class of society who usually learn to take refuge in smoking to relieve stress or calm down. While they suffer from pain and disability they are usually fall into neglect by family and health-care providers.


Experts from different regions of the world should work assiduously together inside the International Buerger’s Disease to update the geographical distribution of the disease, reach to a holistic view about TAO and consequently improve the management of TAO.

VAS Referees

Bahar Fazeli-Chairperson (IRN),Pavel Poredos (SL),Malay Patel (IN),Peter Klein-Weigel (DE),Edwin Stephen (OM), G. Schernthaner (AT)


Members and Countries (alphabetic order)

  • Mussaad Mohammaed Al Salman SA
  • Louay Altarazi SY
  • Abul Hasan Muhammad Bashar BD
  • Mariella Catalano IT
  • Benjamin Chua SG
  • Ivan Cvjetko HR
  • Sanjay Desai IN
  • Dilek Erer TK
  • Bahare Fazeli IRN
  • Phaniraj Gaddikeri IN
  • Emad Hussein EG
  • Mihai Ionac RO
  • Takehisa Iwai JP
  • Arkadiusz Jawien PL
  • Oguz Karahan TK
  • Peter Klein-Weigel DE
  • Albert Kota IN
  • Knut Kroger DE
  • Prabhu Prem Kumar IN
  • Kamphol Laohapensang TH
  • Aaron Liew IRL
  • Rafal Malecki PL
  • Antonella Marcoccia IT
  • Mohammad Hossein Najafi IRN
  • Sandeep Raj Pandey NP
  • Malay Patel IN
  • Pavel Poredos SL
  • Hassan Ravari IRN
  • Vimalin Samuel IN
  • Dheepak Selvaraj IN
  • Nuttawut Sermsathanasawadi TH
  • Hiva Sharebiani IRN
  • Edwin Stephen OM
  • Andrzej Szuba PL
  • Hossein Taheri IRN
  • Mustafa Hakan Zor TK


Milestones in thromboangiitis obliterans: a position paper of the VAS-European independent foundation in angiology/vascular medicineInt Angiol. 2021 Jul 8. doi: 10.23736/S0392-9590.21.04712-X

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