UEMS Vision

“The UEMS vision is to promote free movement through the harmonization of the highest level of specialist training and medical care.”

VAS Vision and Action

VAS has create an European vision of Education and Training, with the collaboration of high quality Cetres, of the VAS European Teaching Panel, interacting by formal agreements with Universities and EACCME, finalized to Angiology/Vascular Medicine.

Harmonization process requires a common view, opportunities and equity in the offer as well as independence from economic interests and criteria for accreditation. The VAS European Book on Angiology/Vascular Medicine as well as the European Master, the UEMS-EACCME Accredited VAS Campus Platform and the Training Fellowship represent the main current opportunities on European training.

Following the UEMS European Training Requirements Documents, VAS supports through its Validation Process the Accreditation of the European Training Centres by UEMS Division as well as through EBEAVM the CESMA-UEMS Exam to obtain the UEMS European Diploma.

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