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India needs us. Now.

Dear friends and colleagues,

As the pandemic continues to overwhelm our health care system, Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore India is beyond capacity in its ability to care for its Covid-19 patients while realizing that the situation is going to worsen dramatically before it gets better. Several patients are seeking and awaiting ICU beds. CMC is short of ventilators and other critical equipment. The government has asked CMC to reserve 1500 beds for COVID cases.

CMC is now preparing for an exponential increase in the number of Covid-19 patients to be treated, increasing its (1) general ward and ICU bed apacity, (2) inventory of ventilators (w/pumps and monitors), (3) number of oxygen concentrators, (4) amounts of testing kits and treatment edicines, (5) personal protection equipment supply, and (7) Covid-19 vaccines.

India’s largest and renowned institution, CMC is dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of the 34 million people living in the rural and urban communities that surround CMC and its various outreach facilities – doing so without regard to a person’s religion, caste or ability to pay.

You can be a part of our effort in providing quality care to our patients.