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Welcome to VAS

VAS: creation and recognition of European Angiology/Vascular Medicine

VAS is a European Scientific non profit Association whose mission is to contribute to the development of Angiology/Vascular Medicine (Angiology and Vascular Medicine are synonyms used in different Countries), in multi-center co-operation amongst clinicians and researchers throughout Europe and Worldwide.

The final aim of VAS is the fight against Vascular Disease for its prevention and control for the benefit of patients and the society.VAS is determined to achieve high Quality results with Independence from any economic interest and enabling Collaboration amongst its members. The triad Research - Education - Clinical Practice has been at the core of VAS culture right from its inception, to exploit the synergy between education and research and ensure the timely implementation of results in clinical practice.

More than 20 years of qualified, independent collaboration with Members from 23 European Countries and some Extra-European :

  • Supporting growth and scientific training - through specific European programmes - for researchers, physicians and healthcare personnel who will be able to provide qualified research and effective and advanced care in Angiology/Vascular Medicine;
  • Promoting and organising European vascular research projects in the vascular field independently from any economic interests;
  • Developing interest in European and national institutions to obtain recognition for Angiology/Vascular Medicine;
  • Promoting the development of scientific and clinical Angiology/Vascular Medicine Centres at international level, particularly in Europe, with a stable cooperation with emerging countries;
  • Guaranteeing vascular patients the right to complete and qualified care;
  • Creating increased awareness of vascular disease, of the prevention of risk factors among the patients and the public at large;
  • Close co-operation with Universities, Hospitals, International and National Scientific Societies, the World Health Organisation and the European Union;

Relevant results, some even changed the future of Angiology/Vascular Medicine:

  • The creation of the embryo of European collaboration in Milan in ‘91 as the European Working Group on Medical Angiology which in ’98 became VAS-Vascular-Independent Research and Education-European Organisation;
  • Critical Leg Ischemia Prevention Study (CLIPS) J Intern Med 2007
  • Obtained approval from the UEMS Council to activate the UEMS Division of Angiology/Vascular Medicine (2008);
  • Obtained and promoted the CESMA-UEMS European Diploma in Angiology/Vascular Medicine (through the European Exam in Angiology/Vascular Medicine organized by BEEAVM) (2012);
  • Organisation of European Educational Programmes with formal agreements with several European Universities/Organisations (European Master in Angiology/Vascular Medicine, Postgraduate Courses) (starting from 2005);
  • Creation of a well qualified European Teaching Panel with various multidisciplinary collaborations;
  • Being responsible for the Validation of the European Training Centres (necessary for UEMS Accreditation);
  • Creation of the European Biobank of Vascular Diseases
  • Giving life to the “ PAD&Vascular European Days” (every year from March 2014);
  • Creation of the VAS-International Consortium (VAS-IC) with Universities, Scientific Societes, Organizations at International level 2014
  • Call for "No More Vascular Amputations"
  • European Book on Vascular Medicine
  • Validation Process (Vas - etc Validation Committee) for UEMS accreditation of European Training center.
  • Signed an Agreement for a Priviledged Partership with SVM (Society of Vascular Medicine-USA);
  • New Call for "No More Vascular Ulcers";
  • European Training Fellowship (ETF-VAS) both Clinical and/or Research;
  • European Felowship of Excellence (EFE-VAS);
  • Open a new stable path with the EU Commissions and European Parliament

VAS Independence, Cooperation, Quality in Angiology/Vascular Medicine for the benefit of Vascular Patients and Population

VAS Call for: No More Vascular Amputations
An International Network
Concrete Research/Education/Awareness Project

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