img EADays3rd CESMA-UEMS European Exam

for the  European Diploma in Angiology/VascularMedicine

27th November 2014- Milan (I)

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Cesma Uems  EU  Diploma



Scientific Academic Meetings
Updating Scientific Workshops and European Cooperative Projects

28th – 30th November 2014
Cascina Canova – Uggiate Trevano (CO)- Italy

Final Synthetic Programme

Friday7.30 pm- Opening the Academic Meeting

7.15-9.30 pm- 1st Scientific Session:
Chairman: P.Colgan (IRL) –Z. Pecsvarady (H)
  • Opening Ceremony: Perspectives of Angiology/Vascular Medicine: M.Catalano (I) 20’
  • Deep Venous Valves reconstruction: indications and results: O.Maleti (I) 30’
  • Memorial Lecture for Professor MM Samama
  • “Hypercoagulable states and clinical implication”: G.Gerotziafas (F)  30’


8.30-12am 2nd Scientific Session
”Varicose Veins Therapy: competence of Angiology/Vascular Medicine Specialists”
Chairman: P: Poredos (SL) -L.Moraglia (F)
  • Burden of Varicose Veins: JC.Wautrecht  (B)  30’
  • Thermoablation 1: L.Allouche  (F)  30’
  • Thermoablation 2: N.Neaume  (F)  30’
  • Chemical Ablation: L.Moraglia (F)  45’
  • Criteria for Accreditation of a EU Training Center for Venous Treatment: P. Poredos (SL) 30’
  • Discussion with distribution of a Draft Document

1.30 pm-3.00  pm- Educational Section for Patients ”Questions to the European Experts”

N.Jatoi (PK)-K.Knavs(SL)-G.Dimitrov(I)-A.Stanek (PL)
Chairman: M.Kozak  (SL)- G.Marakomichelakis (GR)

3.00 pm- 6.45 pm VAS Projects:

  • Educational          

      Chairman  P.Fitzgerald (IRL)- J.Woodcock (UK)    

  • Awareness          

       Chairman  K.Farkas (H)- M.Sprynger (B)      

  • Research             

       Chairman O. Karahan (TK)- A.Szuba (PL)                                                           

         B.Fazeli (IR)

  • Papers                 

       Chairman B.Fagrell (S)- A.Sieron (PL)  

6.45 pm-7.15 pm BEEAVM Section: Chairman  D. Olinic   (RO)
7.15 pm-7.45 pm UEMS Division of Angiology/Vascular Medicine

Chairman M- Catalano

Board of the Section

8.00 pm-8.30 pm CESMA-UEMS Diploma and European Master Diploma Ceremony
                             “VAS Baton  Ceremony” for Bengt Fagrell
8.30 pm Informal Dinner


8.00am-10.30am- 3rd Scientific Session Multidisciplinary Joint Section
Collaboration between R3i (Residual Risk Reduction Initiative) and VAS
“Residual Risk in Vascular Patients”

Chairman: M. Hermans (B)- G. Gerotziafas (F)

  • The Residual Risk: M.Hermans (B)   30’
  • The Epidemiological Concept of Residual Risk: A.Zambon  (I)  30’
  • Cardiometabolic Risk as a component for a new global and residual Risk assessment: J.M.Núñez-Cortés (E)   30’
  • Guidelines: Threshold in Cardiovascular Risk Prevention: M.Kavousi (NL) 30’
10.30am-12.30am “VAS-International Consortium “  – Multivoices Session
Chairman:  M. Catalano (I) –  B.Fagrell (S)
  • Aims
  • State of the art & Organization
  • First steps  
12.30pm Closing remarks                                                     

Congress Registration No onsite registration· Registration form to be sent· Registration fee:VAS Members€ 60- Non Members€300 Banco di Desio e della Brianza IBAN  IT74 V034 4033 0300 0000 0161 200  – BIC/SWIFT BDBD IT 22

Accommodation- Accommodation at controlled costs will be available on request. Hotel information  available from the Secretariat.

Scientific Coordination Prof. Mariella Catalano-University of Milan-Research Center on Vascular Diseases & Angiology Unit

Congress Secretariat Research Center on Vascular Diseases and Angiology Unit University of Milan – L.Sacco Hospital- Via G.B. Grassi 74 20157 Milan (Italy) Phone +39-02-50319817-78 (10.00-15.30) Fax +39-02-50319816  Registration Contact E-mail