2nd PAD&VascularEuropeanDays

18-19 March 2015

VAS organizes in collaboration with

National Scientific Societies and other Organizations 2 European Days on Vascular Disease during which identical material will be distributed at European level, prepared in different languages (web, flyers, video), national and local initiatives are organised and meetings with the population

Raise awareness of Vascular Disease which are largely preventable both in their development and in their evolution.

The first day is dedicated to PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease, arterial disease of the legs related with atherosclerosis, whose diagnosis may save lives or help to live better), while the second day deals with other vascular diseases (arteries, veins , lymphatics and microcirculation).

The slogan will be:

No more Vascular Amputations

Working together to prevent limb Amputation, all preventable if the diagnosis was made on time.

The Units (Angiology/Vascular Medicine centres are not sufficiently present in all countries and this is one of the main reasons for this lack of prevention.

Over the years prevention has used the knowledge and attention of citizens in some areas, spreading the concept of Auto diagnostic control (e.g. breast, colon, skin).

The same should happen with the main Vascular Diseases PAD through the ” FeeTest” : a questionnaire that will be put on the net and circulated in each language and

by learning self-examination of the arteries of the feet,

you contribute to discover a suspected PAD and you can check with your Physician or Specialist in Angiology/Vascular Medicine (synonyms in Europe).

To actively contribute to the days please use Contacts.