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Vascular indipendent research and education

European Biobank on Vascular Diseases (EBVD-EBPp)

1.0 Purpose

To describe the procedures used to pack and ship biological samples frozen with dry ice. In accords with:

  • UN recommendations of the Transport of Dangerous Goods.
  • IATA Regulations and Packaging Instructions (PI650) related to diagnostic samples, for samples delivered by air.
  • ADR regulation
  • Communication n.3 (8th of May 2003) – Recommendation for the safe shipment of biological samples.

2.0 Scope.

This procedure must be followed by all individuals who must be trained and competent in performing the procedures described in the document.

3.0 Specific Safety Requirements

3.1 Care must be taken when handling dry ice and samples at subzero temperatures.

4.0 Reference Document

4.1 International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations, current edition and ADR regulation

5.0 Procedures

5.1 Place the biosamples into a biohazard bag tested in accordance with IATA packing instruction.

5.2 Place bag in a Polyfoam shipper completely surrounded by dry ice pellets. Use at least 2.5 Kg (~ 5 pound) of pellets for each day the box is expected to be in transit.

5.3 Attach the following labels to the outside of the box:

5.3.1 Mailing address of recipient

5.3.2 The dry ice hazardous materials label with the weight of dry ice reported according with the current regulatios.

5.4 Place air waybill forms and the material transfer, proforma invoice (required for delivery in NON European Countries) and shipper’s declaration (if required) in plastic envelopes on the outside of the package and ship priority overnight.

5.5 Deliver package for carrier pickup. Before the delivery it is required to call the carrier in order to have a confirmation that they can deliver dry ice packaging into the country where the delivery can be done. Because of the frequent regulation change this check has to be done for any kind of delivery done with the courier.

5.6 Notify the appropriate recipient contact person by fax or e-mail and provide a tracking number for the shipment, the date of shipment and number of subjects and tubes enclosed.