The VAS European Fellowship of Excellence unites Prominent Members of the

Angiology/Vascular Medicine World in a Unique European/International Network of Excellence.



European Fellowship is open to (at least one of the following 4 options):

  1. Educational Excellence
  • Professor of Vascular Medicine/Angiology or University Lecturers in Vascular Medicine
  • VAS European Teaching Panel Member
  • Heads of Centres, Trainers, and Tutors in a UEMS Accredited European Training Center
  • Tutors involved in Teaching and Training for at least 5 years
  1. Scientific Excellence
  • 10 publications in peer-Reviewed journals  chosen by the proposer
    • Responsible for VAS Independent European or  International Research Projects in Vascular Medicine/Angiology or a related field
  1. Clinical Excellence
  • Responsible for Vascular Medicine/Angiology  Centres/Units/Departments
  • Worked for at least 5 years in Vascular Medicine/Angiology Centres/Units
  1. UEMS European Diploma Vascular Medicine/Angiology holder
  • Specialists who have passed the CESMA-UEMS European Exam to obtain the European Diploma in Vascular Medicine/Angiology


Required: short CV in English plus verifying documents in the original language. All documents will be validated by VAS Advisory Board.


EFE-VAS is a title of Excellence for which VAS requests collaboration, not Fees (€ 60 to cover administrative expenses).





For Young Specialists see:  “VAS European Training Fellowship on Vascular Medicine/Angiology