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In accordance with Article 6 of Act of Law n 341 of 19th November 1990;

  1. In accordance with Article 1, sub-section 15, of Act of Law n 4 of 14th January 1999;

  2. In accordance with Ministry Decree n 270 of 22nd October 2004 with which the new Regulations concerning the independence of universities with regard to teaching, replacing Ministry Decree n 509 of 3rd November 1999, was approved:

  3. In accordance with the Teaching Regulations of Milan University, issued with a Chancellors decree on 12th June 2008, and specifically Article 31 thereof governing masters courses;

  4. In accordance with the proposal put forward by the Council of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at its meeting on 18th April 2013 to activate a Level two European Masters Course in Angiology/Vascular Medicine;

  5. In accordance with the decisions passed on 18th June 2013 and on 25th June 2013 with which the Senate and the Board of Directors have, to the extent to which each of them is responsible, approved activation of the course referred to above;

Herrby Decrees the Following:

The Level Two European Masters Course in Angiology/Vascular Medicine is activated for the academic year 2013/2014.

The masters course is activated jointly by the association VAS – Vascular – Independent Research and Education – European Organisation -, the University of Ljubljana (SL), the University of Cluj Napoca, the University of Vienna (A), the Hungarian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery-MAET (H) , the Univeristè Libre de Bruxelles (B), the University of Prague (CZ), University of Zurich (CH).

The masters course is based on four premises: the significant social impact of vascular disease and its progressive growth due to the increasing average life expectancy of the population; the medical focus of the vascular patient, giving rise to the need to develop specialised training in the medical area, strengthened by the increasing development of knowledge in the vascular field; the lack of an angiology/vascular medicine speciality in most European countries; the existence of firmly rooted and organised co-operation between European researchers and clinicians and between selected Universities, making the definition of specialised training along single European lines realistic.

The aim of the course is to provide qualified and up-to-date training in angiology/vascular medicine according to European parameters. Specifically, the course strives:

  1. to achieve up-to-date theory and practical training with regard to the main vascular diseases, with particular reference to common diagnostic and therapeutic paths at the European level;

  2. to investigate in depth specific training areas as agreed to;

  3. to provide knowledge of the assistance and professional situations existing in Europe on the area of angiology/vascular medicine and of the existing harmonisation processes;

  4. to supply a method for analysing the data in literature in the vascular field and for drafting and presenting reports;

  5. to supply a method for taking part in international co-operative research projects.

The holders of the master degree will be able to find employment at the following facilities:

  1. National Health Service Angiology Units or other similar Units;

  2. Angiology units and out-patient facilities;

  3. Medical area of public and private institutions in the vascular field.

The course is intended for post-graduates with degrees in Medicine and Surgery.

The course will be held at L. Sacco Hospital at no. 74 Via G.B. Grassi, Milan (classroom lessons) and at the premises of those institutions that play a part in holding the masters course, starting on 29th November 2013 until November 2015 (including clinical training and final exam).

The masters course consists of 154 hours of classroom teaching, split up among the following subjects:


  1. Clinical aspects, diagnosis and therapy

  2. Endovascular therapy

  3. Rehabilitation

  4. Main new research issues


  1. Clinical aspects, diagnosis and therapy

  2. Emergency

  3. Main new research issues


  1. Clinical aspects, diagnosis and therapy

  2. PE

  3. Main new research issues


  1. Clinical aspects, diagnosis and therapy

  2. Endovascular therapy


  1. Physiology

  2. Diagnostic procedures

  3. Vasculitis

  4. Microcirculation and diabetes


  1. Clinical medicine, diagnosis and therapy

  2. Lymphoedema and venous diseases


  1. Multi-factor nature of the disease

  2. Atherosclerosis and inflammation

  3. Venous and arterial thrombosis

Prevention of vascular disease


  1. Magnesium and  the vascular system

  2. Complement regulators in tissue and vascular protectiona

Therapeutic criteria in the elderly

  1. Arterial aneurisms

  2. Vascular malformations

Ethics in the development of science

  1. How to evaluate and organise a review (Cochrane coll.)

  2. Statistics in clinical trials

The process leading to the creation of the “European citizen” in the field of medicine

In addition to the above, 420 hours of tutorial training are envisaged, including discussion of clinical cases, attendance on both wards and at out-patient clinics, performance and discussion of diagnostic tests, and interactive lessons with guided searches and processing of reference material and drafting of reports.

An on-the-job training period lasting for 250 hours will follow.

During the course, the skills acquired will be checked by means of tests with reference to the study programme. It is compulsory for the students to attend the various activities making up the masters course.

Only those students who have attended at least two thirds of the training activities provided will be allowed to

sit for the final examination.

The final examination of the masters course consists of an oral test and a discussion of clinical cases, which may also be simulated, according to a common programme.

The tests and the final examination will not give rise to specific marks but to a pass or fail grading. In the event of a fail the student may sit for the examination again.

The training activities included in the course as a whole, together with the commitment to be put into studying and personal preparation, give rise to acquisition by the students of 62 university training credits.

The number of places available for students is 12. The University reserves the right to investigate whether the conditions exist to increase said number of places. The University also reserves the right to consider whether or not to start the course, if due to unforeseen circumstances, the conditions for activating should cease to exist.

Selection of the students for enrolment in the course will take place in the form of a written multiple-choice test in English and an interview, and on the basis of an assessment of the applicants CV and studies.

Evaluation criteria:

  1. written test: up to a score of 60;

  2. assessment of the applicants CV and studies: up to a score of 40 (the applicants degree grades, specialisation in Internal Medicine, specialisation in Angiology/Vascular medicine, experience at Angiology/Vascular Medicine Units and participation in international research projects will be considered).

The minimum score required for admission to the course is 60/100.

The admission tests will be held on 13th November 2013 at 12 p.m., at the L. Sacco Hospital (Angiology Management, Pavilion III) – Via G.B. Grassi, 74 – 20157 Milan.

For candidates residing abroad a telematic interview is possible as long as the candidate’s personal identity is documented by the Commission (only if requested by the candidate in the application form and/or in the presentation of the CV, indicating his/her phone number, e-mail address and Skype contact).

Applications can be presented from 2nd August 2013 until no later than 30th October at 12 pm, with the following procedures:

  1. Go to the online SIFA service at the University website: to register- Servizi online SIFA-LOGIN, only if not already registered or not in possession of University credentisls.

  2. Submit the application form for the course on the webpage Servizi online SIFA- Servizi di ammissione- Ammissione ai corsi postlaurea-Master

  3. Make the payment of € 50,00 for selection expenses by credit card or by using the MAV form available on the website.

Candidates may also present  the following documents to the Ufficio Dottorati di Ricerca e Master Universitari, no later than 30th October 2013 failing that the application will be excluded from the selection procedures (sending also by e-mail to :

  1. Copy of the receipt of the online application

  2. CV and studies (in which the title of the degree obtained  must be specified), activities pertinent for the selection and possible future grants

Those in possession of a title issued abroad outside the EU, must also submit, along with the above mentioned documents , a certificate of diploma in Italian or English examinations taken  and marks received.

The “Ufficio Dottorati di Ricerca e Master Universitaria” Master’s Department (Via Festa del Perdono, 7 –  20122 Milan) is open to

the public from Mondays to Fridays, from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 mid-day.

The documents can also be submitted by fax to number 02.50312300 or by e-mail to the address

Further application procedures are done automatically once the candidates submitted the necessary documentation.

EU candidates can also utilize autocertification as regards admission requisites   and conditions for obtaining possible grants.

The list of applicants enrolled will be published on the University web site by the onLine SIFA service. To view the list, go to “Graduatorie Ammissioni”-  Successfully Enrolled then select “Graduatorie master”.- Enrolled

The publication has value as legal notification so no written personal communication will be sent to the applicants.

Enrolled applicants must pay enrollment fee of E 3000,00 (wich includes insurance), to be payed in two installments.

Those who are admitted to the course must enrol within 5 working days from the publication date. Within the same deadline they must pay the first instalment or the enrolment fee , being €1,514.62, by means of bank tranfer.Payment must be made into account number 4639/1 care of Banca Intesa San Paolo (ABI code 03069, CAB number 09400, CIN code G, IBAN: IT97G030 6909 4000 0000 0463 971 SWIFT code BCITIT33100) in the name of Milan University. You must indicate your name and the title of the masters course as the reasons for payment.

Those who possess a title issued abroad will have to deliver/provide, in addition to what previously listed, the original documents (or legal copy) to allow the evaluation of the title (which will be solely concerning the admission to the Master they are applying for): title translated by official translators and legalised by the Italian Authorities (Embassy or Consulate) in the Country where the title was issued and the “dichiarazione di valore in loco” (declaration of local value) issued by the same Authority.

EU citizen can present/send the Diploma Supplement, following the existing rules.

At the moment of the registration foreign students must also deliver to the “Ufficio Dottorati di ricerca e master universitari” copy of their tax code number. Non-EU students (resident in Italy) must also show the original of their  “PERMESSO DI SOGGIORNO”

In case the enrolment fee is paid by a third person, different from the student, of by an Institution, Society or Company the above mentioned rules must be respected in any case, failing which the application will be excluded from the enrolment procedures.

Being the Master one of the Institutional activities of the University the enrolment fee is VAT Exempt and, therefore, no invoice will be issued.

If you no longer wish to attend the masters course, you should notify your decision in writing as soon as possible to the Ufficio Dottoratidi Ricerca e Master Univeersitari by fax to +39-02-50312300 or by e-mail at

You must pay the second instalment by 4th February 20124 using the “MAV” form available on the website at Late payment of the second instalment will give rise to application of a penalty of €30.00 for payments made up to 15 days late and of €60.00 for any greater delays (Tax regulation, fees, exemptions and grants AA 2013/2014).

If you give written notice before the actual start of the course you will be entitled to a refund of any amounts already paid. An amount corresponding to 10 % of the enrolment fee will in any case be withheld by the University to  cover overhead and secretarial expenses.

You may not attend the Masters courses if you are already enrolled in other study course (degree course, etc., research doctorate, school of specialisation, masters courses).

The training period cannot be suspended for any reason whatsoever.

In compliance with an agreement that the University of Milan has reached with Banca Intesa San Paolo spa, as long as funding is available, enrolled students in Master programs at the University of Milan, may take advantage of persona loans, up to maximum of E10,000.00 (divided into two sums of 5000.00 each). The modalities and conditions for obtaining loans are available on the University’s website at UNIMI STUDENT MASTER.

For further information about how the masters course is organised, go to the University web site ( or contact the Secretariat responsible for organising the course care of VAS- Vascular-Independent Research and Education-European Organization- c/o Research Center on Vascular Diseases and Angiology Unit – L.Sacco Hospital – Via G.B. Grassi, 74  20157 Milan (phone 02/50319813 or 02/50319817 – fax 02/50319816 – e-mail:

See also the VAS Web Site.

In accordance with Legislative Decree n░ 196/2003, the University undertakes to respect the confidential nature of the information supplied by the candidates. All the data supplied will be processed solely for thepurposes connected with and instrumental to the course and for management of relations with the University, in compliance with the applicable regulations.



(Luca Vago)