In 1993 a ICP (Inter-universities co-operation programme among several European Universities) was set up in the framework of the Erasmus programme for exchanges of undergraduate students studying Internal Medicine / Medical Angiology.
Since 1996 co-operation and co-ordination among Universities has continued, with the approval of the new Socrates programme and according to the new regulations, for Internal Medicine / Medical Angiology.

9 Universities take part in the Erasmus/Socrates programme for:I nternal Medicine – Angiology
Athens – GR
Ghent – B
Milan – I
Paris – F
Toulouse – F
Grenoble – F
Vienna – A
Cluj Napoca – RO
Utrecht – NL

Coding of credits, which is still under way at European level, and the limited financial support for studies in the Socrates framework are the constraints which have kept down the number of students taking advantage of the exchange programme.

In the framework of the Internal Medicine / Medical Angiology project, the University Centres that have joined up ensure:

  • training in the vascular field

  • inclusion of the students in a work programme that is also defined on the basis of their main interests

  • constant and well-tested co-ordination among the Heads of the University structures of destination and origin.

The courses organised by the hosting faculties are open to Erasmus students. In many Univerities preparatory language courses are envisaged.
Addresses to find accommodation are suggested by the Erasmus Offices of the hosting Universities.