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VAS- European Independent Foundation in Angiology/Vascular Medicine founded the European view of Angiology / Vascular medicine, making the difference. European and International actions and large campaigns, working to change the fate of vascular patients and population.Registration
FINAL Program

To foster research in vascular disorders through recognition of excellence in various fields, the 2021 Edition will see our honorary awards assignation. Learn more about the “GUSTAV V.R. BORN VAS INTERNATIONAL HONORARY AWARD for Research” and the “HANS KLAUS BREDDIN VAS INTERNATIONAL HONORARY AWARD for Education”.

European Angiology Days

Yearly Academic medical Conference: updating International Scientific Sessions, Workshops and
Cooperative Projects, high quality speakers, creativity and multidisciplinary by VAS with collaboration of UEMS Division of Angiology/Vascular Medicine:

  • high level updating integrating educational, clinical and research aspects as well as social needs and ethics
  • progress of the European educational and research projects as well as in International campaigns proposed by VAS
  • multidisciplinary collaboration for vascular disease

Contributes from several Academies European and International , Societies/Organizations, Centres.
Highest expertise in Joint Sessions and open debate on ongoing and future international projects.

Main Scientific Sessions:

  • 30 Years of worldwide battles and the future in Health. – Focus on Vascular
  • New Generation working on Vascular Disease- Joint VASYoung Com.& IUAYoung Comm
  • Peripheral Artery Disease in the era of COVID19 pandemic
  • Microcirculation – Joint session VAS & European Society for Microcirculation
  • Aging and vascular disease – Joint session VAS & Society of Vascular Medicine-USA
  • Big Data: insights for Vascular medicine
  • Prevention: the mandatory view for the future
    • Key points on Prevention
    • VAS Vascular Prevention Joint International Campaigns (No more vascular Amputations:
      • International PAD Strategic Network
      • International Buerger’s Network – No more Venous Ulcers International Network)-Lymphedema
        -European PAD&Vascular Days: perspectives


  • Opening VAS 30 Years
  • Friday evening lecture
  • Saturday evening lecture


  • Step on in International Vascular medicine
  • Last news in VAS activities (including new European courses and new VAS Journals Affiliation)

VAS International Honorary Awards:

  • VAS International Honorary Gustav Born Award for Research
  • VAS International Honorary Klaus Breddin Award for Education

UEMS and VAS Awards

for EU Diplomas / Courses / Master / Centres / Fellowships

Welcome evening

web Concert on Friday.

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Pre-EADays Events


From morning CESMA-UEMS online Exam for UEMS European Diploma (registration before 20 November 2021) (VAS-Campus Accredited Platform)

Morning : Written Part
Afternoon : Oral Part

7.00 – 8.00 PM CET VAS Board Meeting


11.00AM-2.00 PM CET UEMS Division Meeting

Post-EADays Events

2.00- 5.00 PM CET VAS Advisory Board Meeting

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