VAS–Vascular-Independent Research and Education-European Organisation– in collaboration with Société Française de Phlébologie – SFP- announces the 1st European Course on Venous Treatments and, specifically :

– 1 Sclerotherapy Course

– 2 Thermal Ablation Course


The courses, taught by some of the best specialists in this area, represent a qualified approach to the methods that are listed in the European Curriculum of a specialist in Angiology-Vascular Medicine (Int Angiol 2016; April:35(2):217-31) or as knowledge or (optional forms ) as an ability on  skills.

Participation in the courses is strongly encouraged, given the burden of venous disease , the benefit given by these treatments and the safety that characterizes them.


UEMS European Credits have been requested


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You can apply by filling in the attached form and send to info@vas-int.net .


VAS/SFP Courses