Definition of Potentiality

The PAD project is formed with four projects which are independent from one another and each of which requires the adherent centre different characteristics and fulfilments and generates a different kind of support from VAS which will be supervising the whole development of the research project.

Project: Immuno-Project

  • Requirements:

    • Acceptance of the PAD protocol

    • Possibility to collect blood between 2 pm and 4 pm and send it via courier so they reach the Immunology lab by 9 am the following morning. The words “VAS PROJECT” must be written and be well readable on the shipment.

  • Requested fulfilments:

    • Signature of the informed consent by the patient

    • Blood-collection:

      • Blood-collection in the supplied tubes

      • Labelling of the supplied kit with the barcode

      • Treatment of the material according to the given operative instructions

  • Filling in the online questionnaire

    • Patient data input and anamnesis collection

    • Correspondent barcode input in the appropriate section by means of barcode-reader supplied in free-usufruct by VAS

    • Input AWB (Air way Bill) into the appropriate field to allow the tracking by DHL and by the receiving centre

  • Support from VAS headquarters:

    • Collected patients sheet (download version available);

    • Work instruction for the correct execution of procedures (download version available);

    • Informed consensus to be submitted to the patient for acceptance

    • Supply of blood-collection-kit (butterfly, needle-holder, bag for biologic material transport, box for biologic material transport, absorbent pouches for the sample-tubes, tubes, labels and barcode)

    • Supporting hotline