3rd Edition of PAD and Vascular European Days

6th  Edition 14-17 March 2019

Held every year on the third Wednesday and Thursday of March (with optional social events during the weekend)


Raise awareness of Vascular Disease which are largely preventable both in their development and in their evolution.


The first day is dedicated to PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease, arterial disease of the legs related with atherosclerosis, whose diagnosis may save lives or help to live better), while the second day deals with other vascular diseases (arteries, veins , lymphatics and microcirculation).   
The Main slogan is:

“No more Vascular Amputation”
“No more Venous Ulcers”

2019 Varicose Veins
NOT just a cosmetic problem!

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VAS in collaboration with  22 Societies :      

Associazione contro le Malattie Vascolari-AmaVas

Associazione Medici Diabetologi-AMD

Austrian  Society Angiology – OGIA

Belgian Working Group on Angiology

Czech Angiology Society

French Society of Vascular Medicine-SFMV

Greek Society of Lymphology-GSL

Greek  Society Diabetic Foot

Hungarian Society of Angiology & Vascular Surgery-MAET

Italian Society of Vascular Pathologies–SIAPAV

Polish Society of Angiology

Romanian Society of Angiology & Vascular Surgery

Società Italiana Medici di Medicina Generale-SIMG

Slovak Society of Angiology

Slovenian Vascular Society

Swedish Society of Hypertension, Stroke & Vascular Medicine

The College of Podiatry-UK

Vascular Medicine Ireland

Turkish Society of Vascular Surgeons

VAS ‘Vascular Patients European Network

European Society of Lymphology

International Union of Angiology

UEMS Division of Angiology/Vascular Medicine



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