VAS European Vascular Patients Network

In some Centres or Countries local Vascular Patients’ Groups have been created (also thanks to the contribution of VAS). In Italy they are also part of AmaVAS.

The development of these groups is promoted and coordinated in VAS (VAS Patients’Group)with the aim of:

  • improve links between patients in the single countries and at European level
  • let the patients speak out on vascular problems (in terms of life style, public health, etc.)
  • create simple but valid scientific material on the main aspects of prevention and every day living with vascular diseases
  • increase and improve the patients’ centrality in the European Centres
  • make the fight against vascular diseases, for prevention, for a better quality of life a comon aim both for patients, health care professionals and researchers
  • make awareness a comon aim both as part of our everyday life as well as an organized project
  • implement the european organization of patients (in collaboration with their existing International and European Organizations)

Patients who wish to organize or coordinate at European level, please use contacts VAS Patients’ Group (see Contacts)


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