Why PAD and Vascular European Days
Vascular Disease:

• Is largely preventable and it’s evolution is certainly preventable.

• It’s a chronic disease which  increases  in the population, as life expectancy increases.

• Is important for the quality and span of life

• It has a relevant  human and social cost, higher than that of highly considered  diseases

Nevertheless they are undervalued, not known and addressed only in their later stage, when the risk of complication is very high and the possibility of therapy reduced .

Vascular Disease:

• should be prevented with healthy lifestyle habits

• diagnosed in early stages when already present

• follow these indications carefully

The Population and Vascular patients are entitled to:

Angiology/Vascular Medicine (synonyms) Centres/Units throughout Europe to carry out what was said above

• Receive qualified assistance and the same rights as other patients


The Days represent a moment (which should continue during the year) in which the spotlight is turn onto this disease, resulting in greater sensitivity and commitment by the Institutions and the direct involvement of the population and patients in self-diagnostic suspicion and in facilitating their GP’S and specialists to reach the goals of prevention for both the disease and its evolution.