“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

De Legibus, c 1240
VAS Proposed Projects/Campaign :

International PAD Strategic Network
PAD & Vascular European Days
No more Vascular Amputations! Campaign
No more Venous Ulcers! Campaign
  • Prevention is a part of Citizien’s rights, an investiment both for the present and the future.
  • Prevention requires expertise, connections, education, will and method to modify both our health systems and our personal life style.
  • Prevention needs Institutions, both at European/international level as well as at national. It also needs proposals and networking from specialists and scientific organizations. It needs patients, citiziens, social organizations collaborating in the common projects.
  • Prevention of diseases means built up a project and make people open to consider their life as a power not a fate.
  • Prevention is multidisciplinary, the same indications work for all the non-communicable chronic disease. They can be teached and learned by each of us
  • VAS follows, integrates into its projects and disseminates the main aims and projects on prevention defined by WHO.
  • As a partner of EPHA  it collaborates on its campaigns as well as promotes close interaction on its own programmes.


  • VAS makes proposals , in particular to prevent PAD and main vascular diseases as ell as their deterioration and complication.
  • Vascular diseases respond well to prevention . Years and quality of life as well as acute events can be strongly influenced by simple acts.
  • If we prevent vascular diseases we are able to prevent a number of other concomitant or related conditions.
  • Prevention becomes an ethical need and the responsibility of the future programmes should be taken by all of us.
  • Education at all levels is the basis and the guarantee for prevention .