Project: Thrombin Project

  • Requirements:

    • Acceptance of the PAD protocol

    • Opportunity to extract PLT‐poor plasma (PPP) and to long‐term store it according to the given instructions

  • Requested fulfilments:

    • Signature of the informed consensus by the patient

    • Blood‐collection:

      • Blood‐collection in the supplied tubes

      • Labelling of the supplied kit with the barcode

      • Treatment of the material according to the given operative instructions

  • Filling of the online questionnaire

    • Patient data input and anamnesis collection

    • Correspondent barcode input in the appropriate section by means of barcode‐reader supplied in free‐usufruct by VAS

    • Input AWB (Air way Bill) into the appropriate field to allow the tracking by DHL and by the receiving centre

  • Support from VAS headquarters:

    • Collected patients sheet (download version available);

    • Supply of blood‐collection‐kit (butterfly, needle‐holder, bag for biologic material transport, box for biologic material transport, absorbent pouches for the sample‐tubes, tubes, labels and barcode)

    • Spporting hotline