UEMS Division Contents

UEMS , the European Union of Medical Specialists, represents more than 50 medical disciplines and sets standards for high quality healthcare practice that are transmitted to the Authorities and Institutions of the EU.

In 2000 the problem of Angiology/Vascular Medicine was raised for the first time by VAS and the creation of an Angiology /Vascular Medicine Division was proposed within the UEMS .VAS obtained the UEMS Division of Angiology/Vascular Medicine approved by the UEMS Council, a fundamental development in the recognition of this specialty in Europe and in individual countries (1st Board Meeting, 2008, Bruxelles).

Documents with the definition of Angiology/Vascular Medicine and the requirements for training in the specialty (Chapter 6) and its general guidelines (Policy Statement) were approved by the UEMS Council in 2012 as well as more recently the UEMS ETR (European Training Requirements) for Angiology/Vascular Medicine, the most relevant result for our Specialty, has been approved.

CESMA- UEMS Board also approved the EBEAVM, Board of European Exam in Angiology/Vascular Medicine and the first CESMA-UEMS Exam in Angiology /Vascular Medicine to obtain the CESMA-UEMS European Diploma in Angiology/Vascular Medicine was organized (Milan, 2012)

VAS also acts on behalf of UEMS as Educational Body, to guarantee quality and continuity in the European harmonization process in training and education.

The institution of the VAS European Training Centres Validation Process followed by UEMS Accreditation of European Training Centres, according to new published criteria was also approved and it is now active