ETF-VAS European Training Fellowship in Vascular Medicine/Angiology


Launched by the European Working Group on A/VM (which became VAS in 1998) in 1992.

Aimed for young people who want a VM/A training or a frequency experience that includes clinic and/or research at one of the qualified two-year training and/or research programs.

VAS will be responsible for defining the Project and the Center selected for its implementation.

We welcome requests to help in implement VAS European Research Projects or Training Projects.

The ETF-VAS is considered a selection criterion for those wishing to apply for the European Master on Vascular Medicine / Angiology (Academic Diploma in collaboration with VAS).

The ETF-VAS allows you to apply for the CESMA-UEMS European Diploma

Required: short CV in English plus verifying documents in original language. All documents to be validated by the VAS Advisory Board.


To facilitate youth training and strengthen European and international collaboration in the Vascular Medicine/Angiology area, VAS does not request Fees (only 60 E for administrative expenses). The same guarantee is given by the selected centers. The student will cover expenses relative to their stay (travel, accommodation etc with variations in the costs and facilities of the different host countries and structures).

If funds are available, VAS will first of all disclose this information to those who have already enrolled or are already participating in the European Fellowship.


To cover administrative expenses, we ask you for 60€. Payment options can be found HERE




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