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European Board Exam Angiology Vascular Medicine (EBEAVM)


European Board Exam Angiology/Vascular Medicine

EBEAVM- Board for European Exam in Angiology/Vascular Medicine

  • The EBEAVM is composed of members of the UEMS Division of Angiology/Vascular Medicine and VAS-Vascular-Independent Research and Education-European Organisation: 4 members, 2 representing the UEMS Division of Angiology/Vascular Medicine and 2 representing VAS, the current President or  the Divisions’ representative in CESMA (in the case the two do not coincide).

  • The term lasts for a minimum of 3 years and is renewable

  • 1 Referee, responsible for coordinating the team’s activity is chosen from its members and will also be the President of the Exam Commission.

  • When the EBEAVM’s mandate is finished and it is not renewed, 1 of its members will enter the new Board as the Referee, so as to guarantee continuity.

  • The Referee is responsible for coordinating the organisation of the annual exam, the creation and implementation of a data base cache of questions in English and periodical updating of the same, to be supplied by the EBEAVM; definition and preparation of the oral part and necessary material. He/She is also responsible, in collaboration with the Division’s President, of programming the circulation of information to the Institutions and other interested parties.

  • The EBEAVM can decide to endorse the collaboration of selected Specialists  to enforce the data base of questions (max n° questions 20).

  • The pool of questions (database) will be kept in a dedicated area (following security regulations).

  • The 100 questions for the exam will be changed every year.

  • For the first exam in 2012, a minimum of 200 questions will be prepared from which to draw the necessary 100

  • The exam will be held in proximity to the European Angiology Days (annually or bi-annually, on the EBEAVM’s decision.

  • First Exam Exam: Milan 29 th November 2012

  • The EBEAVM Members:

  • D. Olinic RO (EBEAVM Referee),  JC. Wautrecht B,  Z. Pecsvarady H, M. Brodmann A, M.  Catalano I  (President UEMS  Division  A/VM – CESMA Board)

  • Members of the EBEAVM cannot take part in the Exam Commission (3 Members) if they have candidates from or trained in their Centres taking part in the exam. Nor can they  prepare clinical cases or  select the 100 questions. All EBEAVM members can however  participate to validate any doubtful questions which may arise.

  • Quality Control by CESMA - UEMS - EBEAVM requested the stable presence of an external observer from the CESMA Board and adopt the computerized method (as proposed by CESMA:Orzone) to validate the exam.

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