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Vascular indipendent research and education

Dear Patient,

the collected blood-samples, after being properly treated, will be stored at the European Biobank on Vascular Diseases called VAS-EBVD (property of VAS – Independent Research and education European Organisation) for the project ____________________________. VAS-EBVD is a no-profit biological bank finalized towards research on vascular diseases. The samples, after your consent, can be used for future scientific surveys regarding vascular diseases according to VAS’ politics and philosophy as detailed in the attached technical sheet (ATTACHMENT 1 to the “Informative to the Informed Consent”) and on VAS’s website.

Your blood will be collected by the personnel of the Centre ______________________ , authorised by VAS with deliberation of _______________________

Such a blood-collection will cause no harm to you health.

Your samples and the related clinical and personal information will be treated by researchers and personnel in charge respecting your privacy and can be shared in anonymous form with other researchers, based on your consent, according to the law and based on VAS’ authorisation.

The accomplished results by such surveys can be used in anonymous form in scientific publications and/or can be shared with the interested population and with patients’ groups. They can also contribute to the development of new technologies for diagnosis, survey or treatment of vascular diseases.
Your consent to the sample storage and their use can be withdrawn at any time and for any reason. Your samples and related data can be destroyed on request. These choices will have no negative outcome to your medical assistance.