VAS European Working Groups

VAS European/International Working Groups are part of VAS Organization, referee to a VAS Committee (even if they cover more than one area) and are represented in the VAS Advisory Board. They organize activities (educational, research) and propose papers.

VAS Working Group on Arterial Stiffness

VAS Working Group on Arterial Stiffness has been created during the 12th European Angiology Days. with the purpose of launching new VAS Educational and Research Projects aimed to implement the knowledge  and the use of arterial stiffness measurements both with research and clinical aims.

The VAS participating Membres/Centres/Societes  agree:

  • To share their data inside the WG for common projects
  • To discuss and present during the EADays the projects defined for the next year
  • That publications and any presentation to Congresses by the WG  will be signed by all WG Members and VAS Organization as well as the WG have to be cited
  • Every Member is responsible for disseminating information to improve quality and consistence of the Group.
  • The Working Group will choose the Coordinator, who will have the responsibility of running the WG and of report to VAS Advisory Board.
  • The Working Group in part of the VAS Research Team

Main Activities

The VAS WG on Arterial Stiffness is represented in the VAS Advisory Board by Gabriel Dimitrov

Active Members:

Bela Benczur HU, Renata Marietta Böcskei  HU, Mariella Catalano IT, Gabriel Dimitrov IT, Noor Ahmed Jatoi IRL, Giovanni Scandale IT




VAS Microcirculation Working Group


The VAS Microcirculation Group was founded in 2018 during the VAS 15th European Angiology Days in Milano. The activities of the Group compromise education and scientific work and exchange in the field of microcirculation. The VAS Microcirculation Group facilitate cooperation between clinicians, vascular biologists and technicians as well as with other national and international organizations pursuing comparable objectives.

Educational Activities 2019

  1. Courses in capillary microscopy and clinically relevant microcirculatory measurement methods.
    – Angiologic Summer Academy and Annual Meeting Österreichische Gesellschaft für Internistische Angiologie (ÖGIA) Vienna, 20-22 June 2019. Link to programme.
  2. Annual Meeting of the German Society of Angiology (DGA) Leipzig, 12-14 September 2019
    – WS-5 Workshop: Mikrozirkulation – Diagnostik & Interpretation (VAS-Certificate). Link to programme.
  3. Lectures on microcirculatory topics.
    – VAS – 15th European Angiology Days Milano, 30 November- 2 December 2018. Link to programme.
    – DGA Annual Meeting, Leipzig 12-14 September 2019. Link to programme.
  4. Online Course Capillary microscopy of the Interdisciplinary Working Group on Capillary Microscopy.
    – Should be on the VAS website by the end of the year

VAS and European Society for Microcirculation (ESM) signed in 2019 an Agreement of Privileged Partnership for a close connection and collaboration between the two Organizations

The WG is represented inside the VAS Advisory Board by Peter Klein-Weigel DE- WG Chairman

Active Members:

Antonella Marcoccia, Rome, Italy; Massimiliano Vasile, Rome, Italy; Jean Claude Wautrecht, Brussels, Belgium; Michael Gwandtner, Vienna, Austria; Jiri Matuska, Hodonín; Czech Rep.; Peter Klein-Weigel, Potsdam, Germany


Bengt Fagrell, Stockholm, Sweden; Boy Houben, Maastricht, The Netherlands*