The final aim of VAS is the fight against Vascular Disease for its prevention and for the benefit of patients and the society.

We work to:

  • contribute to the development of Angiology/Vascular Medicine(Angiology and Vascular Medicine are synonyms used in different Countries), in multi-center co-operation amongst clinicians and researchers throughout Europe and Worldwide;
  • identify, promote and organise European vascular research projects in the vascular field independently from any economic interests;
  • to support the growth and scientific training – through specific european programmes – of researchers, physicians and healthcare personnel who will be able to provide effective and advanced care in Angiology/Vascular Medicine;
  • to promote and assist in the development of scientific and clinical structures of Angiology/Vascular Medicine at international level, particularly in Europe, creating a stable cooperation with emerging countries;
  • to create increased awareness among the public at large of vascular diseases and of the prevention of risk factors that facilitate its onset and progression;
  • to guarantee vascular patients the right to complete and qualified care, developing interest from institution to Angiology/Vascular Medicine.

These objectives will be achieved thanks to the co-ordination among European Angiology Vascular Medicine Centres, in close co-operation with UEMS, Universities and Hospitals, International Scientific Societies and the World Health Organisation and the European Union.

VAS is mainly European, but is maturing into a WorldWide organisation: continuous co-operation with non-European Centres is considered fundamental for the development of training and research.