Achievement of Aims

The following lists the types of activities that would be needed in order to achieve the aims of the Network. This list is not comprehensive.

Enhance primary prevention

Include PAD in cardiovascular prevention programmes
Promote smoking prevention and cessation
Anti-obesity/diabetes programmes
Support population-based exercise

Increase awareness

Promote information about PAD in health professional groups and societies
Information about preventing PAD for governments and international, national and regional authorities
Population media campaigns about PAD
Extend the existing “PAD & Vascular European Days” into “PAD & Vascular World Days”

Promote early diagnosis

Promote how to diagnose PAD in health professional groups and societies
Incorporate information about PAD in medical education and other health professional training

Enhance secondary prevention

Promote secondary prevention of PAD in health professional groups and societies
Introduce incentives/re-imbursement for application of secondary prevention measures
Education of patients, especially in compliance with secondary prevention