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FeeTest (Test your feet arteries to prevent PAD).

Have you got Peripheral Arterial Disease(PAD)?

What is a FeeTest?

It’s a test in 2 parts:

  • Fill-in the Questionnaire (click here)
  • Learn to feel the pulses of the 2 feet arteries (click here)

What does this show?

It’s a test that leads to a self diagnostic suspicion (i.e. think you have  a disease) of a disease of the lower limb arteries (PAD).

When the questionnaire leads to a dubious or positive response and/or when you can’t feel a foot artery or when there is a sharp difference between the two feet’s arteries, then you will need to go to your General Practitioner who will examine you and if there is any doubt will send you a to an Angiology Unit/Centre Specialist to perform a test called ABI or If you are diabetic, also for a Toe Index, both tests  are very simple for the patient (it is a kind of simultaneous pressure measurement of the upper arm and the foot arteries and/or big toe),  absolutely reliable and inexpensive for the NHS.

If this test is positive, the specialist will indicate the most appropriate therapies.

Why is it  important to diagnose PAD?

For some very good reasons.

  • It is a disease that, if diagnosed early,  still at an early  or not advanced stage, does not evolve.  If it moves beyond this stage it  could lead to heavy deterioration reaching  finger or limb amputation.
  • It is a disease that reduces the lifespan and this worsens as the disease  worsens. Once again if recognized in time  it can save lives.
  • It is a disease that is often associated with heart attacks,  stroke,  kidney disease or, even, to aortic aneurysms. Recognizing an arterial disease can avoid the appearance or the onset of an acute event in the lower limbs

Is the test difficult and who should do it?

It is not very difficult. Sometimes it takes a little time to learn how to find the arteries. Once you have learnt it will be easy to repeat it every 6 months/one year.

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FeeTest – Have you got Peripheral Arterial Disease "PAD" ? now with subtitles in many languages (use cc option) from VAS on Vimeo.

It should be done for all over  50 years (arterial disease is more common as age increases), but it is good to learn the method when young (healthy arteries are more simple to learn from and remember it for life).

How can I learn more about lower limb arterial disease? See PAD

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