Is an award of gratitude and worthy recognition to

People in the scientific world

Who have belived in and contributed to the development of VAS

As a European Organization able to create and strengthen a stable, indipendent, collaboration

capable of futhering ambitious ideas and provide the substance to the propouse of improving knowledge and the life of patients and population.

People who have made a difference, by choosing to support and choose uncoded and new roads.

2010: Prof Gustav Born Emeritus Professor, William Harvey Research Institute at St Bartholornew’s Hospital Medical College and Emeritus Professor of PharmachoIogy in the University of London (UK)
2014: Prof Bengt Fagrell Emeritus Professor Dept. of Medicine Karolinska Institute at Karolinska Hospital- Stockholm (S)
2016: Prof. Emmanuel Diamantopoulos Emeritus Professor 4th Department of Internal Medicine and Unit of Vascular Medicine Evangelismos Hospital Athens (GR)
2018: Prof Henry Boccalon –University of Toulouse- Head of the Angiology Unit