There is no effective prevention and  treatment without collaboration and a strong participation.

  • VAS identify and makes suggestions on areas of Health System that could be changed/modify, in collaboration with the main European /International and National Organizations. Main points are on Prevention of PAD and Venous Ulcers (see VAS Main Campaigns) as well as on Prevention as general concept, following the WHO indications and being Partner of the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) from 2018.
  • Through Awareness the population and patients will learn about vascular disease, becoming crucial actors in the prevention of the disease and its evolution. Even Institutions can be more motivated and involved in the process for prevention and early diagnosis of vascular disease.

Today there is no Equity for  vascular disease and patients and families who suffer from them, due to the unbalanced organization of the Health Services existing  in most countries.

Conscience of European citizens is crucial also to  obtain the due respect from  the Health  Institutions for the  patients who suffer from it depends on the.

Using this website’s material, you (researcher, clinician, health worker, Center, Society, Organization Institution) can report local needs, define Local Patients Groups, create local networks to participate actively to the yearly “European Vascular & PAD Days “(the third Wednesday and Thursday in March each year).

To artists and journalists who have roles in the diffusion of ideas, we ask for their precious help. Learn more on how to contribute.



  • To develop awareness among the population at large, the various different social players and the institutions with regard to vascular disease.
  • To develop a vast, deeply rooted and positive awareness concerning prevention.
  • To develop knowledge among patients and their families, leading to awareness and to

support in managing the disease and preventing complications.

  • Stimulate and cooperate with institutions for prevention and early diagnosis as well as for educational programmes
  • To obtain rational and adequate presence of Angiology/Vascular Medicine Centres/Units guaranteeing suitable assistance for vascular patients.



  • Proposing, organising or taking part in strategic projects for developing awareness and prevention.
  • Spreading and up-grading Angiology/Vascular Medicine Centres/Units and co-operation among them for the purpose of effective activities in respect of patients and the population. Learn more on some of our initiatives: No More Vascular Amputations! No More Venous Ulcers! PAD & Vascular Days PAD International Strategic Network
  • Encouraging and coordinating the participation of artists, the press and sportspeople in activities for circulating information and creating positive awareness (European Artists/Journalists Panels). Learn more on how to contribute as a journalist or artist and see some of the works made for VAS
  • Encouraging and facilitating the creation of coordinated Vascular Patient Groups.
  • Raising funds in order to support scientific and training projects and awareness campaigns, and to facilitate participation in the projects by deserving young people and researchers and doctors from countries outside the European community. Please consider JOINING US and DONATING


To know more about vascular diseases and their risks, please visit this page.

To pursue these aims and strengthen the commitment, AmaVAS (Association against Vascular Disease: AmaVas, part of VAS) has been founded as a pilot project now well active.