How to cooperate with VAS & benefit from these European cooperative results?


• As a single Researcher, Specialist, Clinicians, Nurse, Health professional

• As a Center

  • Apply to become a VAS Excellence Referee Center (for all or selected VAS activities)
  • Cooperate on  specific expertises and with proposals implementing the European view of your Center’s Team
  • Apply to become a European Training Center

• As an Institution, University, Organization, Scientific Society, Association, Group

  • Improve the weight of Angiology Vascular Medicine and the chance for EU Calls signing the formal Agreements as VAS-International Consortium (VAS-IC)
  • Cooperate to the European Education signing the formal Inter-Universities  and VAS Agreement
  • Be active part in National and European organization of “PAD&Vascular European Days
  • Improve the European link of your Country with web links to the VAS web
  • If your National Society is not yet represented in the Board of the UEMS Division of Angiology/Vascular Medicine, apply for it.
  • Be active part in VAS national videos for patients and population (full professional organization centrally offered)
  • or simply contact us for any request or additional information

• As a Patient or a Citizen

• As an Artist or Media: