UEMS European Diploma in Angiology/Vascular Medicine

The UEMS European Diploma in Angiology/Vascular Medicine puts Angiology/Vascular Medicine on the same plain as other European Specialties. UEMS European Diploma represents the highest recognition of cultural value. At National level it depends on the different states even if it is held in ample account.

EBEAVM (Board of the European Exam on Angiology/Vascular Medicine) was created by the Board of the UEMS Division of Angiology/Vascular Medicine and VAS Board according to the CESMA–UEMS criteria.

Next Edition of the CESMA-UEMS European Exam in Angiology/Vascular Medicine

13rd CESMA-UEMS Exam: Online 2024

Research Center on Vascular Diseases, Angiology Unit, University of Milan, L.Sacco Hospital, Milan (I)-via GB Grassi 74 -20157 Milan

Exam for UEMS European Diploma in Angiology/Vascular Medicine

The exam will follow encoded quality criteria and will be supervised (at our request, in analogy to the suggestions from the most recent UEMS indications) by a reviewer present during the exam.

The EBEAVM (Board European Exam AngiologyVascular Medicine) has already been created with the collaboration between UEMS Division of A/VM and VAS:

Criteria for application and regulations

You can apply only if (at least 1 Yes is mandatory):

  1. Specialty in Angiology/Vascular Medicine in one European Country or equivalent in non European Countries.
  2. Any related Specialty and at least 3 years of certified training in an accredited Angiology/Vascular Medicine Unit/Dept.
  3. Any related Specialty and the European Fellowship in Angiology/Vascular Medicine.
  4. Any related Specialty and the European Master in Angiology/Vascular Medicine.

Exam Curriculum

UEMS ETR, Document on Angiology/Vascular Medicine

VAS European Book on Angiology/Vascular Medicine


Also recommended (International Guidelines/Articles)


  • Place: Online on VAS-Campus Platform
  • Date:  Every year, the day before European Angiology Days
  • Part 1 Questions : 100

Multip.ch (1 only correct answer from 4-5 questions)
5 Internal Medicine
20 Basic
75 clinical- specialistic


Language: English in presence of 1 member of the Exam Commission (or invited by the Commission) for each mother tongue candidate, available for eventual translation of ambiguous terms .

  • Part 2 Oral exam: 2 clinical cases or discussion on diagnostics
  • Minimum request to pass the exam : Part 1 70% questions

Part 2 Score from 1 – 10 (minimum 6) (by both the examiners – in case of disagreement asked vote of a 3rd examiner):

  • Results issued during the Diploma Ceremony during the European Angiology Days (annually end November/beginning December).
  • Enrolment €300 by bank transfer to:
    UEMS Division A/VM account
    BE48 0019 0707 1227
    specifying as purpose for money transfer: payment for “CESMA-UEMS Exam for European Diploma in Angiology/Vacular Medicine” – EBEAVM.

Please mail copy of bank transfer to vas@unimi.it


Exam Application Form


Diplomas Issued 


UEMS-The Council for European Specialists Medical Assessment