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UEMS Division of Angiology/Vascular Medicine

In 2000 the problem of Angiology/Vascular Medicine was raised for the first time by VAS and the creation of an Angiology /Vascular Medicine Division was proposed within the UEMS .VAS obtained the UEMS Division of Angiology/Vascular Medicine approved by the UEMS Council, a fundamental development in the recognition of this specialty in Europe and in individual countries (1st Board Meeting, 2008, Bruxelles).

Countries Represented

Following the UEMS rules, National Medical Associations can nominate a Representative (and a Deputy), linked to the area of expertise of the Session/Division.
17 Countries and VAS are represented today inside of the Division.
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See the UEMS Division of Angiology composition.

Main Goals & Results

UEMS European Training Requirements in Angiology/Vascular Medicine
UEMS European Training Centres Accreditation
CESMA-UEMS European Diploma


• VAS is Member of the Division (2 representatives- no vote right , following the UEMS rules), as Founder Organization
• VAS also acts on behalf of UEMS as Educational Body and runs the VAS European Training Centres (ETC) Validation Committee for the validation process requested to obtain the final Accreditation by the UEMS Division.
• The VAS European Book has been considered as the Reference Book for European Education and training and for the CESMA-UEMS European Exam
• The VAS-Campus E-Learning Platform has been Accredited by EACCME (1hr =1 EACCME European credit)