A car accident has dramatically took the life of Prof. Dr. Jecu Avram, one of the most distinguished teacher of surgery from Timisoara and one of the most famous and active vascular surgeon from Romania. Prof. Dr. Jecu Avram was in his full scientific creative work and in the full activity of development of Angiology and Vascular Surgery in Romania. He was a devoted researcher and one of the first Doppler investigators in our country. He wrote several books and chapters in textbooks of surgery, edited in Romania.

Prof. Dr. Jecu Avram was founder and president of the Romanian Forum for Angiology, president of the Romanian Society of Ambulatory Surgery, vice-president of the Romanian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery and vice-president of the Romanian Phlebology Society. Also he was founder and Editor-In-Chief of the Journal of Experimental Medical and Surgical Research, edited in English language, a well appreciated journal in Romania.

As an international recognition, Prof Jecu Avram has been nominated to be the national representative at the International Union of Angiology and was President-Elect of the Central European Forum, from which position he organized the 7th International Congress.

Upon his death, Angiology and Vascular Surgery have suffered a big loss. But his ideas, thoughts and intentions will be continued by his distinguished wife, Prof Dr. Rodica Avram, professor of cardiology, and by his son, Dr. Iulian Avram, vascular surgeon.

God bless him.

Prof Dr. Aurel Andercou